The Team

Our Mission is to promote healthy intimate relationships for all.

We are passionate about exceeding your expectations through exceptional customer service in a discreet comfortable environment always!

Creating magical memories can refashion the scaffolding of your brain to support a healthier and happier sex life – We Promise!

Great Sex starts between the ears, not between the legs! Regardless of age, libido, ED, lack of lubrication, or even medical conditions…. you should still be and can have amazing, mind blowing sex!!!

Please allow us to assist you when choosing a pleasure product, you may be tempted to pick a product based on looks but to fully love and enjoy your purchase you must consider so much more…like the benefits of stimulation, toy shapes, materials, strength, power source, waterproof, travel lock, noise level, warranty or compatible lubricants.

Physical and emotional pleasure will come from choosing the right products and knowing when and how to use them. Notice we said PRODUCTS AND THEM…. that’s right…. Variety is a good thing, change adds spice!!

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Toys are not a like a mattress…. they need to be replaced before 8 – years that is…. way before that!!!


Sexual Health and Wellness Educators

Samantha – Dina – Mellena – Bree